To Dream

To Dream

Everyone has some sort of dream, ambition, desire, or wish they want. Some may want to be rich. Others just want a happy life. Dreams may last for an hour or even an entire lifetime. They fill our minds and they want to be fulfilled. These dreams are the drive for people. Everyone is driven by some sort of wish or desire they want to be granted no matter how small and petty they may be. A desire can be as simple and short as just wanting to get something to eat or it can be can long  and complicated as wishing to spend a lifetime with someone else.

Dreams can be broken up into two parts. The first part is the dream/desire/goal itself. It can be anything that one can think of, but it is limited by the second part of the dream. The second part is the steps required to reach said drea/desire/goal. The amount of steps does not have a limit, but the second part of dreams is limited to whether or not there are steps and whether or not the steps are possible. For example, if a person wanted to fly, a step they might have thought of is to grow wings, but the problem is that no human can sprout wings yet. However, the steps can be changed. One can change the step from the previous example from “grow wings” to “get on a plane”. They are both solutions to achieving the dream, but one is more feasible than the other.

Not everyone has their wish granted and that is the sad part about dreams. One must put in the time and effort to achieve a goal, but even that is still not enough. Even though there are steps to the dream and the steps are possible, there are still a variety of factors that can affect whether or not one can reach and attain their goal. These factors vary from one’s physical appearance to one’s upbringing to one’s religious stance. There are many factors that can block one’s path towards their goal. If one were to raised in a poor family and one’s goal was to go college, it would be quite difficult to be able to pay for college. Problems and obstacles plague the road to success and they are not easy to overcome.

Many big dreams will be left just as that, dreams, and nothing will become of them. The thing is it is not the big dreams that push us along the path of life, but instead it is the small, simple ones. The ones that can be easily thought up of and completed are the ones that are able to make us feel more than what we are. Without any desire, what is the point of being alive? In the day and age that is today, we should not just exist. We should live. And the first step of living is fulfilling your dreams, no matter how small they may be.