Everyone should have a set of morals that they abide by. I have a set of morals myself. To live by certain values of your choosing means that you are able to control yourself. Laws and rules made by others are not what I consider morals. These ethics are what you yourself choose to follow. Laws and rules are important in the society that you might live in, but ultimately the rules that you make yourself are the most important.

In the young years of a person’s life, morals are not made from one’s thoughts. Beliefs are determined by what their parents or caregivers believed in. It is not until a child is older that they will develop what their values are.

ethicsMorals and beliefs can have a prominent effect not only on you but also the people around you. Like I said before, one’s parents or caregivers influence your early ideals. Once you get older you can influence others by proclaiming your morals and showing what you believe in. In doing so people might be able to learn more about you as a person. You could learn about others if they too are able to profess their values.

Though asserting your ideals may allow others to see you in a clearer light, it is important to know you should not force your morals on others. To try to force people to see the way that you do will not work. Everyone has their own beliefs and nothing you might say will change them. It is just like if a person were to try to force a religion on another. Just because you believe in something, I don’t necessarily have to think the same way. Though people with relatable beliefs are a different story.

People with similar values can get along well. Those who cherish their families, those who chose to focus on money, those who just want to laze around all day, and many other beliefs are out there. It is very likely that you will find someone with similar values. That is how many friendships start and the reason why friendships stay together. But of course people that are too similar will drift apart.

It is sometimes a good thing to have different beliefs. Arguments may pop up occasionally, but from these arguments, an understanding can grow from it. Like I said before, people can understand you better if you are able to communicate your values clearly. Through meaningful interactions with different morals, a friendship can form as well.

Everyone has different morals. Everyone has their own rules that dictate their actions. The one thing that you can do with other’s morals is try to understand.


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