Attack on Paris

A terrible event has happened this week. If you have not heard about this, you must be living under a rock with no contact with civilization or technology. The obvious event that I am talking about is the recent attacks in France, which is speculated to have caused by the terrorist group ISIS.

On Friday November 13, 2015, a series of attacks occurred in Paris. Starting around 9:20 P.M., an explosion was heard in the stadium, Stade de France, during a soccer game between France and Germany. Just around five minutes later, several gunmen fired upon the Cambodian restaurant, Le Petit Cambodge. At around 9:30 P.M., more shooting occurred at a pizza restaurant near Avenue de la République. At around the same time a second explosion occurred in the Stade de France. At around 9:36 P.M., another shooting happened at another restaurant, La Belle Équipe. A few minutes later at around 9:40 P.M., a suicide bomber bombs a restaurant on Boulevard Voltaire. Around the same time, an explosion occurred near the Bataclan Concert Hall while the band, Eagles of Death Metal, was performing at the hall. Shots were then reported at Bataclan Concert Hall at around 9:49 P.M. At around 9:53 P.M., a third explosion occurred at the Stade de France.

It was stated that there were 129 deaths and 352 wounded and 99 of the wounded were in critical condition. This has been the one of the worst terrorist attacks in Europe in ten years.

This is a truly tragic event. Many innocent lives were killed for no good reason. These terrorists are a menace to society and must be stopped before any more harm is done to innocent citizens. Nobody deserved this.

Fortunately, French President François Hollande has announced that France would go into a “state of emergency” with tightened borders and a mobilized military. American President Obama has made a statement to assist France.

The leader of Isis has made a declaration that they were the ones responsible for the attacks. There is some evidence that points to Isis being the ones who caused this, but there is no hard proof that they were truly the ones that caused it.

Even so, France launched airstrikes two days later on the Isis capital Raqqa, Syria. French President François Hollande considers the attacks to be “an act of war,”and he retaliates with attacks of his own. I do not approve that he attacked without hard evidence even though Isis claimed to have done it, but I am glad he is actually doing something to a group of terrorists.

People are now going about their lives in France in fear for their lives. Flowers have been put of the sites of the shooting. I’m horrified at this event, and I do wish the best for the people in France.


A Poster Problem in Fountain Valley High School

Last week was about a event in Europe was it not? Let’s talk about a bit of a local event. To be specific, my home city, Fountain Valley. Currently, there is a stir that has been caused in Fountain Valley High School. Here’s a bit of background information on this story. In the Huntington Beach Union High School District, there is a rivalry between two sister schools. The two schools are Edison High School and Fountain Valley High School. This rivalry has lasted for many years now. Currently, this rivalry is shown the most in the football game that occur every year. In this football game, whichever school wins the game will gain the trophy for a year. The trophy is a bell. In the week before the game, each school celebrates an event called Bell Week. The students of each school show their pride by participating in the fun events that occur throughout the week. Each school is decorated with posters made by the students. This is where this problem starts. The posters made by the students show the pride of being a student of the school, but there are small insults made against the other school in the posters. These posters poke fun at the rival school, but some of those posters are just flat out insults. One girl was not happy with this and took matters into her own hands. A girl by the name of Isabelle Abbott decided to rip down a poster that said, “Edison girls don’t shave.” This was recorded and later uploaded on Twitter by a friend. She is not ripping the poster down because it is making fun of Edison girls. She is ripping down the poster because she believes that it is shaming girls’ bodies. She believes that girls should not be ashamed for having hairy legs. This fiasco has caused people to take sides on whether or not her action is justified. I don’t want to get thrown into this fire, but if I were to give an opinion on this matter, I would say that she had a reason that could be supported, but the way she acted on this matter was inappropriate. Isabelle stated that she did talk to an Associated Student Body member about this, but it is later found out that she had two of her friends talk to a member about this. She then proceeds to tear it down the following day. She could have gone about this a little less violently. In my honest opinion, this could have gone a bit better than what actually happened. Baron News, the online newspaper for Fountain Valley High School, does good job talking about the event and also provides a small article written by Isabelle herself on how she feels about this. I recommend seeing both these articles. Well this is the end to this little post. I hope you enjoyed reading this.