Huntington Beach High School Beating From a Different View

Recently, a student from Huntington Beach High School was seen beating a blind kid. A video of this beating went viral online within a few hours of the beating. Many news sites and local news stations immediately reported on this event, but there were a few things that they forgot to mention. Almost every place that mentions the beating has a title somewhere along the lines of, “Student Protects Blind Classmate From Bully.” This title is very misleading. The articles written about this always portray the “blind” kid as the victim and the “bully” as the villain. Let’s look at a bit of context shall we. I did a bit of research and found some interesting information. Austin, the “victim”, is not completely blind. He is legally blind. Being legally blind means that the person’s ability to see is to such a degree that it cannot be fixed by normal means. Austin can see, but he cannot see as well as others. There is also a bit of past between Austin and Noah, the “villain”. From the information of Kayla Landeros, a classmate, Austin was hitting on Noah’s girlfriend and he was talking bad about Noah. She claims that Austin was the one who initiated the fight and Noah simply stood up for himself. The are multiple sources supporting that Austin was the one who initiated the fight including from Noah himself. She claims that Cody, the boy who punched Noah, was the real villain because he almost killed Noah. I must admit that the sources that I got these pieces of information are not that reliable. All the information was found online so there is no telling if these were lies or not. There were people that knew Noah that tried to defend him so that presents biased pieces of information. Kayla Landeros contradicts herself in her own statement. Unfortunately, there is no real conclusion to this story. People just make assumptions and post it online which causes a bunch of misleading information. Everyone has their own perspective on these things. If Austin was really provoking Noah, Noah could have been the bigger man and ignored Austin or perhaps Noah saw Austin as a threat to him and his girlfriend and that is why he retaliated like he did. Maybe Cody saw a bully hurting a defenseless boy and that is the reason he punched Noah. Cody could have just tried to diffuse the situation by talking or getting in between the two, but stopping the fight like that is incredibly idealistic. There is not a true view of the situation and that is perfectly fine.


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